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It’s important to keep a personal injury diary because it can take months or even years to resolve a personal injury claim. In that time, our memories can fade significantly and a diary will help you recall the pain and suffering you’ve experienced as a result of the accident.

Your diary is a written account of how the injury has impacted your daily life, including physical pain and suffering, as well as mental or emotional pain and suffering, such as recurring nightmares about the accident.

It is important to address any restrictions you experience as a result of the accident. Keep track of activities you can no longer complete, such as working, exercising or attending special events, as well as whether your loved ones have had to take on additional responsibilities.

You should also use your diary to document out-of-pocket expenses you may incur, such as assistive devices and medication and to record dates of medical appointments and treatment, such as physiotherapy. A personal injury diary can help measure the impact an accident has had on your life, helping your lawyer negotiate fair and proper compensation with the insurance company. If you’ve suffered a personal injury as the result of an accident, contact the experienced team at Kelly Greenway Bruce.


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