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In the province of Ontario, the owner is responsible for the damages from a dog bite or attack. If there is more than one owner of the dog, they are both responsible. It doesn’t matter where the bite or attack occurs, whether it’s on the owner’s property or at the park, the owner is still liable for any damages that occur.

Years ago, the owner of a dog was not responsible for the dog’s first attack. Today, the “one free bite” rule is gone. The owner of the dog is responsible for any and all attacks that occur. The owner’s home insurance policy usually responds to claims relating to dog bites or attacks, unless there is a violation of the policy. If there is no insurance coverage, the owner is personally liable.

If you have suffered injuries caused by a dog, including broken bones, scarring, or disfigurement, you can sue. Your damages would include pain and suffering, income loss from being off work and any medical bills, including physiotherapy or rehabilitation treatments.

After being bitten or attacked by a dog, get the owner’s information immediately. If the owner refuses to provide their information, call the police. The bite or attack should be reported to your local animal control services to ensure that the dog is up to date on their shots and to protect your health.

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