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Every automobile insurance policy in Ontario contains a mandatory accident benefit component. This coverage allows you to access various benefits whether the accident w as your fault or someone else’s.

When hurt in an accident, notify your insurance company immediately and they will send you an application for completion and return within 30 days.
Accident benefit coverage is intended to be secondary to any other benefit plans you may have privately or through work. In effect you must exhaust any and all benefit sources available to you before the accident benefit coverage will kick in.

Available accident benefits coverage falls into several categories.

You can claim medical and rehabilitation benefits. These can include things like medicine, physiotherapy, chiropractic care to name but a few. The monetary amount available under this category varies depending on the type of injury suffered. Minor injuries are eligible for up to $3500 worth of coverage while catastrophic injuries can access up to a million dollars worth of coverage.

If you need medical care at home your insurance company may be responsible for paying attendant care benefits. Generally up to $3000 per month is available for a two year time frame unless you have purchased an optional benefit package or your injury is catastrophic which will increase the amount available to one million dollars over your lifetime.

In the event that you cannot work and you meet the eligibility requirements income replacement benefits are available to you after a 7 day waiting period. You are entitled to receive 70% of your gross weekly income less any benefits available to you from any private or work disability plan. The maximum available for this benefit is $400 per week. If you do not meet the criteria to be entitled to an Income Replacement Benefit you may qualify for a non earner benefit following a 26 week waiting period of $185 per week which may be payable to you if you suffer a complete inability to carry on a normal life and you are over 16 years of age.

The above is a brief overview of some benefits youmay be entitledto following an accident. Accessing benefits is often difficult and complicated.

Contact our accident benefit professionals so we can use our expertise to assist you through the process.

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