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Dedicated Accident Claim Lawyers in Oshawa and Lindsay

A car accident can result in a serious injury or a temporary or permanent disability, rendering you unable to work. Such situations arising out of a car accident can be scary and confusing. At Kelly Greenway Bruce, our dedicated car accident lawyers in Oshawa and Lindsay can take hold of your situation's legal aspect. We can help you with your accident benefits claim so you can focus on your health.


Our team of personal injury and car accident lawyers will help you consider your possible legal options and assist you through the steps of filing accident benefit claims. We will walk you through the entire process, from securing evidence and preparing a strong case to negotiating with the insurers representing the party responsible for the accident.

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When Must You Seek Help from a Car Accident Lawyer

In some car accident cases or accident benefits claim cases, getting professional legal help becomes inevitable. When you have suffered serious injuries, are having trouble dealing with an insurance company, or a car accident case reaches trial, hiring a good lawyer can prove to be a smart investment.


  • High-stake cases may involve long-term or permanently disabling injuries, involving an accident benefits claim of up to $1 million. An experienced lawyer is more skilled in handling serious injury claims than the affected party.

  • If your negotiations with an insurance company have failed or are stalled for long, don’t let the insurance company talk you into settling for less. An expert lawyer may be able to bring the opposite party to the negotiation table to acknowledge your claim’s worth.

  • If your accident benefits case goes to trial, you need an expert lawyer to fight on your side in the courtroom. Also, if the at-fault party comes in with a lawyer, you must have one on your side too.

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Get Insurance Claims on Time

Our lawyers can help you get the rightful insurance claim after an accident.

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