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I would sincerely like to thank Jamie Bruce for representing me as a client. I was very nervous at first, as I haven’t dealt with lawyers before. Jamie made it feel like you were sitting talking with your brother. Jamie kept me well informed by phone as I don’t have a computer or cell phone. My case took approximately 18 months to solve. Every case is different so it could take longer, but I was expecting it to take longer than it did. The outcome was more than I had imagined. I am very happy the way things went. If you are looking for a caring, compassionate and honest lawyer I recommend you call Kelly Greenway Bruce. You will be very pleased with their friendly staff.


I will be in the future recommending them to anyone looking for a lawyer.


Thanks again, 


I recently had to use Jamie Bruce for personal injury. It was overwhelming at the time. I have never had to use a lawyer before and was terrified about cost as well as uncertainty of even having a case.  Jamie took the time and went through everything step by step guided me through every transaction.  Jamie answered every question. Jamie’s assistant, Charlene was amazing and very professional each time she called or emailed.  She was such a pleasure to deal with!  I highly recommend Jamie and his team.  I cannot thank them enough.  Just take the step get consultation! You will not be disappointed.  Thanks to Kelly Greenway Bruce my life has changed forever.  I had no idea the rights that I had. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Jamie Bruce was excellent from start to finish with my accident. Every legal questioned answered, with everything explained in plain language. I cannot stress how important it is to have a lawyer and staff, that understands your specific and unique case and how to approach it. No accident is the same.  I had many ups and downs during this time, where their patience and professionalism went way beyond what I felt I deserved. This helped making my new normal much easier to deal with. It meant a lot to me that every appointment I felt like a friend, or family member. If you are reading this while looking for a lawyer, look no further!  Thank You Andrew Bruce for the excellent Father/Son team effort with Jamie the day of my settlement! Thank You Charlene for the behind the scenes support given to the big guns!!  Extremely Happy with my settlement! Highly Recommended!



I had a fall at a store and I was badly hurt.  I did not know what to do so I contacted Jamie Bruce to help me.  The young man was wonderful!  He took my case, kept in touch with me, explained what was going on and in the end got me three times more than I thought I would get.  I would recommend Jamie Bruce to anyone!



I was involved in a slip and fall accident and advised to contact a lawyer.   After getting the run around from two other personal injury law firms and getting nowhere I was fortunate to finally contact Andrew Bruce.  What a huge difference; Andrew went right to work, gathered all the necessary background information and helped me realize a satisfactory settlement within a few months of taking on my case.   I can't say enough about how well he and his entire staff treated me!



I was falsely accused of two serious charges by the Durham Police, whereby, if I was convicted of these charges, I would have been facing two years in prison.  I was terrified and not thinking clearly. I didn't know what to do and didn't know where to turn as I had never been in trouble with the law before.   Thank goodness for my brother who stepped up and took charge.  He had heard good things from a friend about the Law offices of Kelly Greenway Bruce.  I am so glad that his friend recommended this particular Law firm.  After speaking to Paul Greenway on the phone, I was very relieved and reassured, as he explained to me what to do, what not to say and what to expect as I had not met with the police yet.  After my meeting with the police, I went to meet with Paul Greenway.  After hearing my story, he then recommended I meet with Robert Greenway.  I found Robert Greenway to be a very knowledgeable and friendly lawyer.  After telling Robert my story, I felt better and very relieved.  Robert took my case.  He then went about getting the ball rolling. My case wouldn't be going to trial until May 2018.  A long time to wait.  After several meetings with Robert, I always felt relieved, as he always answered my questions and put my fears to rest.  When my trial started, I discovered Robert to be a very strong and smart lawyer. He is a shark in a three piece suit.  By the time Robert was done with his questions, my accuser admitted to lying to the police several times.  I was found not guilty and had won my case!  If not for Robert Greenway and the Law offices of Kelly Greenway Bruce, I would not be writing this letter today.  Robert Greenway is very down to earth and easy to talk to and he takes his job and his cases very seriously.  Many thanks to Robert Greenway.  I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Kelly Greenway Bruce. 



I was referred to Kelly Greenway Bruce to represent me on several criminal charges.  I met with Bobby Greenway and I knew right away that he was special.  He started by walking me through the process of obtaining Legal Aid as I was very overwhelmed, given this was the first time I have ever been charged with anything.  Once Legal Aid was secured, he went on to have several of my charges dropped.  With my last remaining charge, he was able to get me down to just probation, no fines and, most importantly, no criminal record!  Bobby worked miracles and is an awesome lawyer and an even better person.  I am very thankful to have met him.



I was in a car accident in April 2014 and suffered long term injuries. Jamie Bruce worked diligently with me for almost 3 years and resolved my claim successfully, settling for higher than what was originally offered without litigation. Jamie and his team provided exceptional guidance and expertise, consistently going above and beyond our expectations. He even provided consultation on areas he did not need to help us with and answered any questions I had. His assistant Charlene was always a joy to speak with and just as helpful in any way she could. I would certainly recommend the services of Jamie Bruce at Kelly Greenway Bruce.



Thanks so much for all your work and assistance with my matter.  Being my first involvement with this end of the legal system, since the charges were laid, this has been such a constant source of anxiety, fear, and dread.  However, after each contact with your office, I would come away feeling relieved and empowered.  Bob Greenway and Jennifer, you have both done an amazing job of handling this case.  Thanks for your diligence, communication, patience with me, and knowledge of the system. 


Keep up the great work! 



Hi Greg & Julie,


I would like to thank you and the team at Kelly Greenway Bruce for the exceptional customer service for the purchase transaction of our first house. You were wonderful in coordinating with us constantly throughout the process and extremely prompt in meeting closing timelines. I will definitely be recommending Kelly Greenway Bruce's services to my family and friends in the future.



I can't even tell you how highly I would recommend Kelly Greenway Bruce.  I was recommended to this law office by 2 other family members/friends.  Jamie Bruce was my lawyer and he took care of everything.  He kept me up to date on my proceedings, took care of appointments, and handled all the paperwork. Jamie really put me at ease and it is so nice to have someone on your side, and not only Jamie, but all the staff.  Everyone is superb, super friendly and helpful.  I couldn't be happier with the outcome.  Even though my case is over, I have learned 2 things from this experience; #1 insurance companies are NOT your friends! And #2 STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!!  Speaking from experience, don't do it! Listen to Jamie.  I highly recommend Jamie Bruce of Kelly Greenway Bruce! 5 star+++!  Thanks for everything and thanks for helping me fight, even after all the times I wanted to quit.



I would highly recommend the law firm of Kelly Greenway Bruce.  Mr. Jamie Bruce and Mr. Andrew Bruce handled my case and they did an excellent job.  I believe they got the best possible settlement for me after my accident and I didn’t have to go to Court.  They are both very nice gentlemen and did everything they could to make the processes as easy for me as possible.  I am very pleased with how my case was resolved.  Mr. Jamie Bruce and Mr. Andrew Bruce both treated me with great respect and I felt as though they really cared about me and my welfare.  They even came to see me in my home after my accident because it was very difficult for me to get out at first.  If I have the need of a lawyer in the future, I would definitely use them again.


Sincerely, L.L.

I recently had dealings with the law firm of Kelly Greenway Bruce, specifically, with Mr. Jamie Bruce and Mr. Andrew Bruce in particular and was very pleased with my experience with them.  My Grandmother was the victim of an accident and not only did they get her a very good settlement within a timely manner and without going to court, but they were also able to get me a settlement for the time, expenses and time off work I had to take on in order to care for my Grandmother after her accident.  I was very pleased they put in the extra work to obtain this for me.  They were very good at arranging appointments around my work schedule so I didn’t have to take extra time off to attend with my Grandmother.  They were very nice, caring and processional people and I would definitely use them in the future if I needed a lawyer. 


Sincerely, P.L.

Hello Josh,


Now that my life has settled down a bit, I wanted to send my heart-felt thanks to you for your counsel over the past year, and to your team (Cyndi, Kristina and Julie) for all that was done on my behalf to bring both my separation process and real estate transaction to a very timely close.


Stress levels were pretty high at the end, but I think the family matter worked out as well as could be expected under the circumstances.  I definitely appreciated the collaborative approach and the professional team’s involvement.  The freedom I now have is almost “priceless”, or at least it has provided me with a much needed sense of calm.  As for the new house, the closing was problem-free and I am so grateful that I am able to live in my own home in such a quiet and welcoming neighbourhood.  Definitely a new beginning!


 Many thanks,



I would like to thank you and your firm, Kelly Greenway Bruce, for the wonderful way you handled my personal injury case.


In the last two years, you have done everything in your power to resolve this matter for me and finally it is over!


I have met many lawyers in my life but none with the kindness and compassion that you have shown to me.  


Jamie you are one in a million so don't ever change because this world needs more people like you in it.


Thank you



I would like to thank Andrew Bruce and all his staff for guiding me through the process of my motor vehicle accident.


Andrew was very informative and his professionalism and support made the whole route easier to navigate through.


My family and I are very thankful for his efforts in my case; he went above and beyond to help me out.  Not too many people go the extra mile, but Andrew did.


I would like to extend a note of thanks for his legal staff that were always there to take my calls.


We had a successful outcome at the mediation due to Andrew’s expertise.  He represented the firm well and I would highly recommend Kelly Greenway Bruce.




 NV & VM

Hi, Jamie, I want to thank you for the successful settling of my lawsuit.  The steps have been rebuilt and I ended up


with more money than expected, so I am very pleased with the outcome.  Thanks.



I would like to thank Jamie Bruce for taking on my slip and fall case.


It's been a long drawn out two years but Jamie was always there to answer my questions, concerns and to encourage me to be patient.


His calm demeanor, professionalism and knowledge let to a successful resolution.


I would not hesitate to recommend Jamie and Kelly Greenway Bruce.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.



I can’t thank Andrew Bruce, his assistant, and the staff at Kelly Greenway Bruce enough for their support, guidance and expertise.  Through a comprehensive series of negotiations, a very successful settlement was reached stemming from an automobile accident in which the car I was driving was “t-boned” on a highway, and my shoulder was seriously injured.  Andrew did such a great job negotiating with the insurance firm of the individual who hit me that I had him negotiate a settlement with my own insurance company (benefits side).  Both sides of the negotiation were handled in a timely manner and Andrew made sure I always knew what my options were.  I have complete trust in Andrew’s experience and advice and would not hesitate to recommend him, or his firm, to my friends and family (in fact I have already referred him to a good friend also injured in a car accident).



I would like to reiterate my thanks to Jamie Bruce and his staff for everything that they have done for me this past year.   It has been a struggle and without their amazing knowledge and guidance I wouldn't have reached the end of a long journey. They took my case on believing that they could help me even though I wasn't sure that anyone could.  I would recommend Jamie to anyone who is needing council for LTD (Long Term Disability) issues.  Anyone who is reading this don't wait, act immediately as time is an issue.


Thanks whole hardheartedly.



I want to personally thank Mr. Bruce for taking on my vehicle accident case, that was wrongfully represented by another firm.


Mr. Bruce took over the case and brought it to a favourable conclusion in a timely manner.


I really appreciate the professional and personal support from Mr. Bruce and his staff, and highly recommend his services.



My sister-in-law's friend referred me to Kelly Greenway Bruce for my motor vehicle accident that occurred in December 2013. I was  blessed to have the professional services of Jamie Bruce as my lawyer and I would like to express my sincere thanks to Jamie for his guidance and advice. 


My inquiries and questions were always promptly attended to and Jamie always responded with patience and diligence. I would like to take this opportunity to thank his team, Charlene and Michael, for their assistance as well. 


I will recommend Jamie and the firm to all of my family and friends.



I would like to thank you so very much for all your help and advice on the closure of our property.   You are awesome!! We had some hick ups with the seller but we thank you for all your humour and advice.  I wish you a very happy and healthy prosperous year!


M.T.  &  B.T.

We would like to say how much we appreciated not only the legal advice but also the emotional support that we received from Mr. Bruce. When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident you are not sure of your legal rights. Mr. Bruce help us navigate through the legal system. We had complete confidence that Mr. Bruce was dealing with our case with professionalism and compassion which helped us incredibly.  A very calm and genuine person, he made us feel relaxed during a very stressful situation. The result of our case was very satisfying and we felt that we received a fair settlement. Thank you Mr. Bruce for helping us get our lives back together again.


R.T. &  L.T.

We take this opportunity Mr. Bruce, to express our sincere thanks for your expertise and guidance associated with our case.

Over the past several years, your professionalism, determination and diligent work ethic was made apparent and greatly appreciated.  Your compassion and understanding was evident throughout a stressful and challenging process.  Additionally, we acknowledge your efforts at our mediation which lead to a successful resolution of our case.


We acknowledge and thank your staff for their dedication, patience and kindness.  They were always pleasant, attentive to our needs and represented themselves in a professional manner.


It was our pleasure to make your acquaintance and to work with you.  We would not hesitate recommend you and your firm to our family and friends!


I.S. & R.S.

On this 10th year anniversary of my settlement I wanted to extend to your office my sincere gratitude. The comfort physically and financially I have received since my accident are due to the representation given to my family and me by your office. The insurance money I received allowed me to get the necessary care I required. The level of comfort I live in today and standard of living I will be guaranteed for the rest of my life are due only to you! The accident which I endured in June of 2001 was an awakening for me as to how important excellent legal representation is when you are in need of guarantees. Mr. Bruce I say wholeheartedly, thank you for all you and your staff have done.



Joshua Gleiberman has been my counsel on a family law (separation/divorce/custody) matter for the past two years. Mr. Gleiberman approaches each case with a child-focused and measured approach; he fully supported my tactic of resolving the matter without destroying lives in the process. Mr. Gleiberman takes the time to listen to my concerns, consider positions and respond with full information – not simply the part I may wish to hear. His advice and candour is always well thought out and helpful. He is attentive to the details of each matter and timely in his response to me.


Mr. Gleiberman has proven himself to be well versed in case law and the statutes that apply to family matters, and offers a wealth of advice on the system, supports available in the community and experts in the area of family matters. Mr. Gleiberman’s team is organized, helpful, professional and they make every effort to support me.


The Clerks, Ms. Robicheau-Stephen in particular, make sure my case is prioritized and fully attended to. She provides an exemplary level of personalized customer service, beyond what I had ever expected from a lawyer’s office. Although no one wishes to ever have to go through this process, without the supportive team I have found in Josh and Kelly Greenway Bruce, I don’t think I would be where I am today – legally or emotionally – without them.



We write this letter to thank you for your attentiveness and understanding to both my husband and myself following our car accident in 2009.


We really appreciated how your firm took the time to explain each step in detail. All the processes were made clear, with concise information. Having concise information not only prepared us, but also helped ease the anxiety we were feeling. It was also comforting to know that when we had further questions your promptness to reply was impeccable.


Thank you!!! Thanks to the firm for being instrumental in getting the case and matters settled promptly and successfully.


K.B & T.B

We would like to express our deepest heart felt thanks to you for all your effort and personal time dedicated to our case.

We were immediately relieved leaving all of the aspects of our case in your experienced hands. Knowing your years of expertise, and your ability to be compassionate to our cause, made our day to day living much easier.


Our first meeting put all our fears and insecurities at ease immediately. We have unfortunately experienced other individuals who have lost their ability to maintain professional protocol and compassion for their clients. You, Mr. Bruce, have managed to engage in knowing what is most important to the client ; security, thoroughness, privacy and heart felt understanding.


Our gratitude can never be expressed fully through words. Thank you for helping us maintain our dignity and quality of life throughout the past couple years. Thank you for a quick and painless experience.


We will highly recommend and happily support you, your firm and your ability to help any people that are in need. You alone calmed our concerns and fears quickly and professionally.


J.C & W.C

I first met Joshua Gleiberman back in 2007. He helped me through my first divorce. In 2010 I found myself back in his office for a second time. I had to fight hard but Joshua had to fight harder! ......The end result was we won!!!


When in his office I feel very welcome and am always treated in a professional manner. Shannon Robicheau-Stephen, his assistant, is right on top of things and knows what is going on and keeps me informed. She was very helpful and caring towards me and my case as was Joshua. As you can tell, I am a repeat client and would refer anyone I know that needed a good lawyer to fight for them. Whether it be criminal or family law I know this company works for you and not just a pay check. Keep up the good work guys!



I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Andrew Bruce on my case and was extremely pleased with every aspect of the process. The entire office was more then willing to help me when asked.


I was never left in the dark and very appreciative with always being kept up to date. I fully recommend this office to anyone looking for someone to fight for you and to be in your corner.



Thank you so much for your amazing understanding and compassion during my time of need! Without your patience and sympathy, I know that I'd never have gotten through these past years. Thanks so much!



I would highly recommend Mr. Andrew Bruce. He has acted as my legal counsel in two separate personal injury cases. I was extremely touched by his compassion and caring manner. He always found the time to speak to me when I called, answering all my questions in a professional and easy to understand manner. I was very satisfied with the settlement I received and would not hesitate to seek his counsel if required in the future.



After going through a long stressful process with another law office I was referred to Mr Greenway’s office. I can not tell you the difference in customer service and caring, from his secretary to Mr Greenway himself. Fortunately my case was won due to the experience and expertise of Mr. Greenway. I highly recommend this office.



As we go through life there can be occasion when incidents or occurrences develop that are beyond one’s control. Expert legal advice and opinion can become a necessity. It is most important to recognize and then seek professional legal assistance when the need arises.


Also, it is very important, that the legal firm that one has chosen understands the full extent of the issue and is able and willing to exercise damage control, consider cost, and the most reasonable final outcome for the client.


The final resolve must be a measure of balance that all can accept, and live comfortably with, often a difficult balance to achieve. The firm of Kelly Greenway Bruce, has the insight to understand the client’s true needs and the possible options available to resolve the issue in the most appropriate manor.


Many thanks to Michael Pryce on handling our account. Michael is very friendly and professional and put us at ease immediately. I would definitely recommend dealing with him. He got us results very quickly. It was a real pleasure doing business with him.


G.T & K.T

I would like to take this opportunity Mr. Bruce to thank you and your staff for all you help in resolving my case. I firmly believe that without your help and guidance I would not have been successful in winning.


I have gladly put your name forward to anyone that has asked me about what happened and the awesome results that you helped me achieve.


M. O.

Many thanks to KELLY GREENWAY BRUCE for the help given to us with so much seriousness and punctuality. The professionals we met made our problem quickly disappear and the solution came even quicker; this made us realize that with the honesty and sincere dedication shown, everything they do is backed by the desire to have the clients satisfied, at an affordable and low cost, if compared with other legal offices. I hope that people, especially from the Durham Region, needing legal support, take a minute to give them a call, before deciding who's going to look after the matter.


J.G. & C.G.

I recently had a lengthy personal injury case settled by the Kelly Greenway Bruce law firm. Andrew Bruce was my lawyer and he really took care of me. His professionalism, punctuality and client care cannot be matched! Andrew and his secretary always returned my calls and kept me in the loop. He is great at explaining everything so I could understand it fully. Thank you so much for taking care of my case and getting it settled! I would HIGHLY recommend Andrew Bruce to anyone that needs a lawyer!  


When my brother and I first went to court we thought it was the end of the world.  He was faced with trouble and needed guidance.  It was extremely lucky that we chose Mr.  Robert Greenway to represent my mentally disabled brother.  He completely understands what exactly he needed and how to talk with him.  I cannot thank Mr. Greenway enough for keeping my brother out of jail, and taking the proper amount of time to find the utterly best resolution for him.


Thanks sooooo much Bobby!


M.M. & K.M.

I would like to thank Ian Greenway for his professionalism and quick settlement of my claim.  Thank you for taking my claim on, and thank you for always keeping me in the loop.  I really appreciate you negotiating for the maximum amount that you felt I was entitled to.  I wish you continued success, health & happiness for both you and your family.


With sincere gratitute,



Having been a client of Mr. Jamie Bruce for the last 3 years, I would like to take this opportunity to, not only express my deepest gratitude to Jamie and his team, but to also say that the level of professionalism, compassion, and thoroughness was above and beyond.  I would recommend Kelly Greenway Bruce to anyone!



I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Robert Greenway for all his help and guidance through-out my trial.


Needless to say, I would not hesitate to recommend him and his firm to anyone in need of legal assistance.


Thank you so much,  Gratefully yours,



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