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The Trusted Family Law Firm in Oshawa and Lindsay

Whether you are planning to adopt a child, bearing the hardship of dissolving a marriage or relationship, or need help to revise your current custody support terms, you are entitled to a dependable and strong representation in such matters. Our Oshawa and Lindsay lawyers are committed to protecting your legal rights and helping you navigate through complicated processes.

The family law division of Kelly Greenway Bruce brings decades of experience to the table and guides you in every aspect of family law. We recognize that individuals might have to deal with emotional and overwhelming experiences in family disputes. Our personalized legal assistance will walk you through the entire process as smoothly as possible and discuss your best options to deal with the family law case. Schedule your free case evaluation at our Oshawa or Lindsay office today.

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Areas of Focus

The family law division of Kelly Greenway Bruce has had excellent results over the years in dealing with the following family law matters:


  • Divorce

  • Custody

  • Access

  • Child and Spousal Support

  • Property Division

  • Constructive and Resulting Trust

  • Partition Act Applications

  • Motions to Change

  • Collaborative Family Law

  • Child Protection Matters (CAS)

  • Adoptions

  • Negotiating Separation Agreements

Common Family Law Matters

Our area of focus encompasses all aspects of family law. However, some common family law matters our clients come to us for include:

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Do you want to get a divorce in the Province of Ontario? You can officially end your marriage in an Ontario court given that you now seek permanent separation, and you and your spouse have spent at least 12 months of your married life in Ontario. Let our Kelly Greenway Bruce team help you end your marriage as per the family law technicalities applicable in Ontario.

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Parenting time

There is so much to consider when you are going through a divorce and children are involved. An effective parenting arrangement in the Province of Ontario involves parenting time, decision-making responsibility and contract clauses. Our lawyer helps parents prioritize children’s wellbeing, health and safety by offering assistance in creating a suitable parenting plan, either informally or through a court order.

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Division of assets and support

When ending your marriage, protecting your family home comes first, also known as the matrimonial home in legal language. The Ontario divorce/separation laws have provisions to help you safeguard your share in the total value of your family home (or homes). Our lawyer can help you fight for exclusive possession rights to your family home if you are getting out of an abusive marriage.

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Get Legal Aid for Family Disputes

Whether you want to create a separation agreement or legally decide on the division of assets, our lawyers can help.

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