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Trustworthy Real Estate Lawyers

Looking to buy a residential or commercial property in Oshawa or Lindsay? Or are you looking to get a factory on a lease? The experienced real estate lawyers at Kelly Greenway Bruce realize that any of these transactions is a significant investment for you. It’s important to understand all the documents related to the deal and the real estate laws in your area to avoid any disputes or issues in the future. We can ensure that your legal rights are preserved before and after every real estate transaction. Book a consultation with our law firm to know how we can help.

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Types of Real Estate Laws

 Here are a few common types of real estate laws:

Residential real estate laws

This law pertains to the sale, exchange, mortgage and purchase of condos, apartments and other residential properties. One of the most common disputes between a buyer and a seller in a residential property transaction is the seller’s failure to disclose defects in materials and workmanship. Our lawyers help resolve such disputes and issues.

Commercial real estate laws

These are a set of laws that apply to a commercial real estate transaction which can include the sale, purchase, rental and leasing of resorts, offices, hotels, malls and other commercial properties. One of the common causes of a commercial property dispute is when a tenant doesn’t pay rent on time. You can contact our real estate lawyers to know how to deal with a tenant dispute at your commercial property.

Industrial real estate laws

These laws, as the name suggests, apply to real estate transactions involving industrial units and factories. If the landlord who has given you the industrial property on lease tries to end the agreement before completion, you can take legal action and ask them for money damages. Contact our experienced lawyers to learn about your rights as a landlord or tenant.

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Free Case Evaluations

Our skilled legal team are here to help you. Simply fill out our consultation form and one of our team members will connect with you for a free consultation.

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