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Lawyers for Will Preparation and Estate Planning in Oshawa

Ever wondered if your loved ones would rightfully get your assets and property after you die? Why leave it at the hands of the court when you can plan your will before you die? Estate planning ensures that all your financial, as well as physical assets, are transferred to whom you want to after you pass away. At Kelly Greenway Bruce, we offer personalized service in all aspects of wills, estate planning, and administration in Lindsay and Oshawa. During our interview for will preparation, we will review your family background and circumstances to assist you with creating a will that ensures your loved ones are taken care of in the future. Book a free consultation with us to get started with the will preparation process.

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Rely on Us for Preparation of Power of Attorney

Kelly Greenway Bruce is the firm to contact if you want to prepare a power of attorney for personal care or property. A power of attorney is a specialized document that allows you to give a trusted person the authority to make medical or financial decisions if you are incapacitated and unable to make these decisions on your own. The power of attorney document can also include the decisions you want to make in certain situations, making it easier for the person you appoint to follow your wish.


In addition to estate planning, we provide services in estate administration to give you the information and guidance necessary to handle the estate of a loved one. Our administration services include assisting you in obtaining a certificate of appointment for an estate trustee and probating the estate to help you distribute estate assets, depending on your personal needs.


For further information and fee schedule, feel free to connect with us.

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Estate Planning Services

Legally decide on who will receive how much share of your assets through our estate planning services.

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