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Reliable Dog Bite Lawyer in Oshawa and Lindsay

Dogs can be humans' truest companions but may still cause personal injuries or property damage. If you have suffered harm from someone else's dog, you need a dog bite lawyer in Oshawa and Lindsay to help you handle the legal elements of the case.

Our knowledgeable lawyers at Kelly Greenway Bruce can help you understand the possibility of making a legal claim, your liability in a dog bite incident and the extent of it. Our team understands that dog bite incidents can happen in a wide range of scenarios and we can help you see what kind of legal and monetary consequences can arise in your case. Contact us in our Oshawa or Lindsay office for a consultation.

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Proving Liability in a Dog Bite Case

Whether you can hold a dog owner accountable for your dog bite injury or property damage will require our lawyer to refer to your provincial laws and the strength of your case. Although, all dog owners bear the strict duty of protecting others from the harm their dog might cause. Hence, the affected person can show how their dog bite injury happened in a place where they are legally allowed to be, regardless of whether or not the owner took necessary precautions to prevent such incidents.

Potential Defenses in a Dog Bite Case

The potential defences that both parties involved in a dog bite lawsuit may use against each other. Here are a few potential defences:


  • Trespassing on the dog owner’s property

  • Provocation that might have instigated the dog to bite


Our experienced dog bite lawyers can help you plan ahead and refute all potential defences that the opposing lawyer might employ against you.

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Compensation for Dog Bite

Get legal aid to make a claim on the dog's owner that has bitten you.

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