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Trust Our Brain Injury Lawyers in Oshawa and Lindsay with Your Claims

Dealing with a brain injury can be a challenging experience. You need dependable lawyers to represent your case if you or any of your loved ones have suffered a brain injury. At Kelly Greenway Bruce, we have experienced lawyers who understand the severity of brain injury cases.

You can rely on our lawyers to get the legal representation you deserve. Let the qualified lawyers at our Oshawa and Lindsay locations assist you with a free case review.

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Types of Brain Injuries Based on Severity

Many terms are used to refer to brain injuries, including concussion, seizure, TBI, and head trauma. To better understand brain injuries, it is important to know about the severity classifications as it impacts both the legal and medical rehabilitation procedure. The following are the major types of injuries to the brain:


Mild traumatic

In a concussion or a mild traumatic brain injury, you may suffer unconsciousness, memory loss for certain events, or an altered mental state. It is the least severe type of head injury among the other classifications. You may still be suffering from this type of head injury without any positive imaging. 


Moderate traumatic 

In addition to the impacts of mild traumatic brain injury, the medical professional will check if the period of hospitalization is over 2 days, the duration of amnesia is between 1-7 days, the GCS score is between 9-12 or other abnormal findings. You may not necessarily have positive imaging.


Severe traumatic

A brain injury is classified as severely traumatic if the period of unconsciousness is more than 24 hours, amnesia exceeds 7 days, and GCS falls below 9. The medical professional will check for positive imaging in this case, but you may not necessarily have it.

Top Causes of Brain Injury

Many factors can result in brain injuries. Some of the most common are listed below:

  • Car, cycling or pedestrian accidents

  • Slip and fall accidents

  • Sports activities

  • Instances of violence

  • Explosive blasts

  • Blows to the heads

Choose Kelly Greenway Bruce for Your Case

Our legal team is here to assist you with your brain injury claims regardless of the complexity of your case. Keeping your best interests in mind, we always ensure that you can reach out to our lawyers at any stage of your claim.

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Claims for Brain Injuries

We can assist victims in starting a brain injury lawsuit to get the claims they deserve.

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