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Defective Product Liability Lawyer in Oshawa and Lindsay

Sometimes, a physical injury can arise from using a faulty or defective product. However, you have the legal right to file a lawsuit to hold the responsible party or the entire supply chain accountable. Trust our defective product liability lawyer in Oshawa and Lindsay to help you prepare and file a lawsuit against the product’s manufacturer, designer, or retailer/distributor. 

Upon successfully proving your product liability case, you might be able to receive significant compensation from the party responsible for your injuries. Our lawyer evaluates every link in the defective product’s supply chain and can hold everyone involved responsible for damages. Contact us in our Oshawa or Lindsay office for a free initial consultation.

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Product Liability Lawsuit

The manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that their consumer products honour all the public safety standards. Failure to satisfy these product safety standards shows negligence and gives the users the right to file a lawsuit against all the negligent parties involved and hold them accountable for their damages.


You can pursue product liability compensation against the manufacturer if they have failed to address potential safety risks of a product before producing or selling it. In the standard case of an injury claim, a given product is assumed to be inherently unsafe or defective and does not warrant proof of negligence during the design or manufacturing steps of the product development. However, large corporations often have strong resources to dodge defective product lawsuits. That’s when you can gain an advantage by hiring our expert lawyers with a track record of obtaining favourable verdicts and settlements for our past clients.

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Defective Product Liability Claim

We can help file a product liability lawsuit to get compensation for the damages you endured due to a defective product.

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