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Injury Lawyers specialized in Catastrophic Impairment in Oshawa and Lindsay

Personal injury litigation, commonly known as personal injury law, empowers the injured to claim fair compensation for their suffering and losses. Every injury's severity level varies widely in personal injury cases, particularly those involving a catastrophic impairment. Since these cases are highly complex, prominent, and involve compensation of high monetary value, trust your catastrophic injury lawyer in Oshawa and Lindsay to tackle the legal aspect of your situation.

At Kelly Greenway Bruce, our lawyers have decades of experience in catastrophic impairment and injury claims. Whether the injury claims arise from a complex situation of an accident or the sheer negligence of an individual or corporate party, our lawyers can help you contest for worthy compensation and not settle for anything less than that. Speak with our Oshawa or Lindsay lawyers to help you.

Leg Injury

What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

A case of catastrophic impairment and injury can involve the following scenarios. 

  • The claimant has suffered serious harm to an important body part or the internal system.

  • The accident has caused severe long-term impairments, negatively influencing several aspects of life.

  • The victims often suffer emotionally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, and financially in these cases.


Common situations clubbed under the catastrophic injuries category include:


  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Severe burns

  • Complex bone fractures

  • Damage to internal organs

  • Amputation of limbs

  • Hearing loss

  • Vision loss and blindness

  • Spinal cord injuries, affecting the victim during paralytic attacks

Data suggests that catastrophic injuries are not commonplace. However, if they do happen, the accident can lead to devastating consequences for victims and their families.

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Had a Serious Accident?

If you have suffered injuries of catastrophic levels, our lawyers can get you high monetary compensation.

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