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Divorce Lawyers for Legal Aid in Oshawa and Lindsay

If you are looking to get a divorce in the province of Ontario, you must know some crucial points. Kelly Greenway Bruce’s divorce lawyers in Oshawa and Lindsay can guide you through the process and make it smooth. The first thing you need to understand is that there is no difference between divorce law in Ontario and other provinces in Canada. It is not mandatory for you to be a Canadian citizen to apply for a divorce in the country. There are three eligibility criteria to apply for divorce in Ontario:


  • Your marriage is legal in Canada or anywhere else in the world.

  • You want to end the marriage with your spouse with no possibility of getting back together again.

  • You and/or your spouse have been residing in Ontario for at least a year, right before the date of your divorce application.

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Reasons That Are Legally Accepted for Filing a Divorce in Ontario

According to the divorce law in the area, the following are the accepted reasons for filing a divorce:


  • Both you and your spouse consider your marriage to have ended and have lived apart for at least a year.

  • You haven’t forgiven your spouse after they committed adultery during the marriage.

  • You can’t live with your spouse anymore because of the mental or physical suffering they have caused you.

If you meet any of the above criteria and can prove it, you can start with your divorce application. The process includes filing the application and submitting it at an Ontario courthouse. After that, you have to submit the required fees. Contact our divorce lawyers in Oshawa to understand the process and the fees involved.

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Want to File a Divorce?

Our experienced lawyers can guide you through the complex process and suggest the best way forward.

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