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Feeling Gaslit by Your Insurance Company? Contact Us!

You have been seriously hurt in an accident. You expected that the insurance company would be there for you. Instead, the insurer is being dismissive of your symptoms, minimizing your injuries, and making you doubt yourself. These are all forms of gaslighting, a tactic that insurance companies use to undermine you and avoid paying insurance claims. A skilled personal injury lawyer can put a stop to the gaslighting and ensure your claim is taken seriously.

What is gaslighting?

The term “gaslighting” describes psychological manipulation that is used to get control over someone else. It hinges on creating self-doubt. The term is frequently used in the context of romantic relationships, but gaslighting can occur in all kinds of interactions. It works by breaking down your trust in yourself, usually in a gradual manner that makes it more difficult to notice.

Is the insurance company gaslighting you?

Gaslighting is dangerous because it is so subtle and gradual. In the early days, the insurance company will likely appear to be responsive to your needs and caring. The claims handler may ask about your injuries, and how you are coping, etc. This is the honeymoon period. You believe you can trust the insurance company and that you will be treated fairly. As time goes on, the insurance adjuster becomes less sympathetic toward you and begins suggesting that you may not be reliable, that you are being forgetful, or that symptoms are “in your head.”

The insurance company may throw a lowball offer to try to get rid of your claim for as little money as possible and then stop being responsive if you don’t accept the settlement. Other tactics include:

  • Accusing you of lying

  • Denying something you are sure the adjuster said to you

  • Twisting your words in written statements prepared by the insurer

  • Suggesting that you should go back to work despite your injuries

  • Sending you to be examined by a medical expert chosen by the insurer

  • Denying your claim

Over time, these tactics can cause you to question yourself. Insurance company gaslighting is intended to wear you down and make you feel powerless. You may begin to doubt the strength of your insurance claim, which leads you to accept an unfair settlement or simply walk away from an unjust denial of your legitimate claim. It is highly recommended that you connect with a personal injury lawyer (Oshawa and Lindsay lawyers at our firm can provide you with a free case evaluation) before you accept any settlement or denial. We can help you get a clearer perspective of your case and make sure you understand your rights and options.

Why gaslighting is so harmful to accident victims

Gaslighting can be damaging in any situation, but it is particularly harmful to an accident victim who is struggling with their injuries and trying to get back on their feet. Insurance companies know that most accident victims are unfamiliar with their legal rights and the insurance claims process. They count on you being naïve, and they are aware that you are in a highly vulnerable state. You are probably not thinking clearly in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Trauma, pain, lack of sleep due to discomfort, and financial stress from missing work can leave your brain in a fog. You are (understandably!) off-kilter; the insurance company will prey on that. The self-doubt that gaslighting instills is even more harmful if you suffer a concussion or other type of traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) as a result of the accident. It is common for head and brain injuries to cause memory loss, difficulties with short-term memory, and reduced ability to concentrate. You are more susceptible to gaslighting techniques if you are already struggling with cognitive difficulties due to your injuries.

Is the insurance company gaslighting you and your injury?

Oshawa lawyers at Kelly Greenway Bruce know all the tricks and tactics insurance companies use against accident victims. Our personal injury division at Kelly Greenway Bruce boasts over 50 years of experience representing accident and injury victims. Once you hire us, we will deal with the insurance company on your behalf. No more gaslighting. You can focus on recovery, knowing that you have a trustworthy advocate on your side. We encourage you to connect with our personal injury lawyers in Oshawa or Lindsay today.


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